How the GO ELECTRIC App Will Work

Problem: Not everyone can afford to buy an electric car

Solution: Go Only Electric is working to bring the electric vehicle to you!


What will make Go Electric's Mobile App unique?

  • Go Electric's Future Rideshare Service will use ONLY electric vehicles
  • Each Ride Service Is Tax Deductible!
  • Our Service will Provide FREE Rides to First Responders / Frontline Workers in the event of a disaster
  • Our platform is designed to employ members of our community and supports underserved segments
  • Resources are reinvested in green energy solutions
  • Safer for the environment


Learn how to your carbon footprint and support your community.

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Go Electric's Mobile App Will Include:

  • Seamless Registration
  • Referral Rewards
  • Estimated Time of Arrival
  • Help & Support
  • Driver Tracking


Safety & Efficiency Are Our Priority

Once Available, Our App will be EASY to Download and Start Using:

  • Passenger and Driver are Easily Connected
  • Donate a FREE rideshare service to a friend or essential worker
  • Safer for the environment
  • Each Ride Is Tax Deductible!



What will make our drivers unique?

  • We recruit drivers with Disaster Relief Training
  • Drivers are prepared to volunteer their time to offer free service to essential workers during disasters
  • We help support underserved segments to better serve your community


Reduce your carbon footprint and support your community.


  • Customers will pay directly through the app
  • Managed securely for your online data protection
  • Each ride will be tax deductible


Find out why sustainable options for clean energy is more important now than ever. NASA weighs in on the effect our choices can have.

We encourage you to please visit:

CHEVY BOLT | Electric Vehicle:

Leading the way in affordable electric vehicle options:

Chevy Bolt is an all-electric vehicle that offers an EPA-estimated 259 miles of range on a full charge, plus advanced safety technologies and plenty of space.



KEEP IT GOING | How to Help Pay It Forward

Go Electric's goal is to provide reliable, clean energy transportation for healthcare workers and frontline staff in the near future.

Recently, Go Only Electric has helped to deliver pulse oximeters and free lunches to local hospitals in need. Our efforts to help the community in a positive way should not stop there. But we cannot do it alone.

You can assist in our goal of purchasing an electric vehicle that will be directly used provide rides to workers for disaster relief support.

These rides will also qualify as a tax deductible donation that rewards you for your care and generosity.

Once our fleet is established, here's what will set us apart from other transport options:

  • Go Electric plans to use ONLY electric vehicles.
  • Our transportation service will be the same cost as private sector rideshare options.
  • Every ride will be considered a donation that is tax deductible.
  • Resources generated will be re-invested towards efforts to make a difference in environmental recovery.

  • Go Electric is a 501C(3) Tax Exempt Charity.

    SUPPORT a Frontline Worker

    Benefits of Signing Up

    Let us know where the need really is! If your community can benefit from an all-electric vehicle, let us bring the vehicle to you. Sign up to support clean energy transportation in your neighborhood.

    We are not asking for money. We are asking for your support.
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    About Us

    Go Electric is a 501C(3) Tax Exempt Charity based on the sole motivation of helping our community and environment, not monetary gain.

    Revenue generated by your participation is used to continue our efforts to reverse environmental damage by focusing on clean energy transportation.

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    Disaster Relief Charity

    During COVID-19 pandemic, Go Only Electric is supporting the essential workers of our community with free lunches and donations of necessary medical supplies.

    With your help, we can continue this important non-profit work and continue to assist frontline staff and essential workers. But we cannot do it alone. Your support plays a key role.

    Underserved communities need your support today.

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    Tell Us Where the Need Is: Sign up to support climate change initiatives and clean energy transportation.