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In 2019, our directors developed a unique concept based on the growing need they saw in the greater Seattle area. Go Only Electric has now blossomed into a charitable non-profit determined to produce a significant impact in three areas:

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DONATION Drop on 07/27/20 to Frontline Healthcare Workers

Why was the donation needed? Valley Medical Center, a hospital near the city of Seattle, Washington State informs us that pulse oximeters have been important to helping keep COVID-19 patients safe and healthy as they recover at home.

These small monitors help provide a more accurate idea as to when an individual may need to return and seek additional help from urgent care or ER.

COVID-19 is such a dangerous disease that some patients may not realize they are about to go into respiratory distress and arrive at the ER too late.

A personal pulse oximeter provides accurate information that care teams can properly assess and support.

Current Needs on the Frontline
Pulse Oximeters (a simple handheld tool) are desperately lacking in many hospitals and clinics. This device monitors the saturation of oxygen in the blood.

During the current pandemic, pulse oximetry has allowed healthcare workers to properly evaluate the condition of patients diagnosed with COVID-19, while accomplishing the following:

  • Evaluating efficacy of ventilators
  • Evaluating whether the patient needs additional help breathing
  • Determining efficacy of supplemental oxygen therapy and new treatments

On July 27th, Go Only Electric delivered a donation of pulse oximeters to Valley Medical Center Hospital in Washington State.

DONATE to Similar Needs During this Critical Time

There is beauty in unity and no one knows that better than Project World Impact. They are dedicated to connecting individuals with important missions (from eradicating hunger in the local community to international organizations that support clean water initiatives).

Project World Impact provides a platform that connects the world.

Go Only Electric is proud to be featured on Project World Impact!

A Partnership that Makes Sense:
Go Electric’s non-profit charity is determined to produce a significant impact in three specific areas:

1. Climate reversal through the use of clean energy.

2. Disaster relief using our service to transport supplies and people to the communities hit the worse by disasters, while helping alleviate climate change problems caused by the use of gas vehicles.

3. Assist First Responders by delivering supplies and providing transportation. Not everyone in underserved communities can purchase an electric car. So we concentrate on bringing the electric car to the communities and support staff that need it most!

Transportation by Go Electric helps frontline workers, essential workers, and first responders, by transporting personnel and supplies (especially in underserved areas).

Go Only Electric now featured on Project World Impact… Discover how you can join us in making a difference!

Go Only Electric has teamed up with a local artist who transforms recycled materials into beautiful art pieces.

“I’ve been so concerned with the problem with plastic bags being in the oceans, I came up with a way to incorporate them into my art.

My handmade canvas has been covered with Gesso and then I developed my own method of creating a relief effect with plastic bags I recovered myself.

Everything was then painted to give the effect of stone.

My method of artwork keeps these plastic bags out of the landfills and out of our beautiful oceans.

I’m happy to donate this one-of-a-kind piece as an incentive gift for people gathering support in their area for Go Only Electric’s EV rideshare service.” —Anonymous Art Donator, California USA

Not everyone in the community can purchase an electric car – So Go Electric brings the electric car to the community!

Transportation by Go Electric helps COVID-19 frontline workers, essential workers, and first responders, to help transport personnel and supplies especially in underserved areas.

Help Go Only Electric gather 25 signups/signatures (by sending link to family and friends) – If 25 others reference you, we will send you a Go Electric T-Shirt + Swag Bag Gift FREE!

Gather 100 others and we will send you a one-of-kind art piece designed by local artist who uses all repurposed / recycled materials!

Small Steps Matter | Stand Up and Be Heard

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Did you hear the alarms this past Saturday? It took the form of a news report about alarming temperatures in the Arctic.

CBS News reported, “Alarming heat scorched Siberia on Saturday as the small town of Verkhoyansk (67.5°N latitude) reached 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit… Reaching 100 degrees in or near the Arctic is almost unheard of.

Why should this concern us on a local level? The article goes on to mention, “The average heat across Russia from January to May is so remarkable that it matches what’s projected to be normal by the year 2100 if current trends in heat-trapping carbon emissions continue… The extreme events of recent years are due to a combination of natural weather patterns and human-caused climate change.”

We are all connected and what you do matters.

What can be done? Go Electric is supporting the use of methods to reduce the footprint of our modes of transport. Help support Go Electric’s Platform for rideshare change.

This may seem like a small step. Yet, recent reports of cleaner skies due to COVID-19 restrictions on travel indicate how quickly improvements can be measured when carbon emissions are reduced. Small steps matter. GO ELECTRIC invites you to learn more.

Can your neighborhood reduce its carbon footprint and benefit from an Electric Vehicle? Speak Up | Be Heard Let us know where to put our next electric vehicle.

Not everyone can purchase an electric car – So Go Only Electric is bringing the electric car to you! Transportation by Go Electric helps COVID-19 frontline workers, essential workers, and first responders, to help transport personnel and supplies especially in underserved areas.

We are not asking for money. We are asking for your support. Sign up and please pass it along to your friends and family!

CBS News: Arctic Records Its Hottest Temperature Ever
(June 22nd, 2020)