On February 5th, Go Only Electric was able to thank the hardworking essential staff at Village Concepts of Auburn – Brannan Park. Village Concepts has worked hard to provide exceptional senior care for over 50 years.

Lunch Donation to Staff at Senior Care Facility
(Lunch provided by Gourmondo’s Catering who regularly
supports non-profits in their goal to give back to our communities)

Why was the donation needed? Especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, assisted living care staff have helped our dearest (and most vulnerable) stay safe and healthy. They are the ones who provide the service that many of us cannot.

As part of their mission Village Concepts states, “We recognize that the true foundation of a home starts with the community of people residing there—living, learning and growing together.”

Providing a delicious healthy lunch today was just a small way Go Only Electric could give back to the staff that takes care of the real treasures of our community and families: people.

Thanks for allowing us to give back!

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