Make Our Mission Statement Your Determination

"This is not about profit. This is about survival." —Go Electric Founder, Joel Rizzo

Go Electric 501C(3) Charity is determined to produce a significant impact in the near future in three areas:

  • Climate reversal through the use of clean energy
  • Disaster relief using our service to transport supplies and people to communities hit by disasters, while helping alleviate climate change problems caused by gas vehicles
  • Assist First Responders by delivering supplies and providing transportation

What Can You Do?

Benefits of an EV Without the Price Tag

Why not benefit from ownership of an electric vehicle without the price tag and receive a tax write-off in addition! Many are reluctant to purchase an electric vehicle (EV) simply because they don't know enough about them.

Go Electric invites the public to contribute to our goals and in the near future enjoy the benefits of EVs without having to buy their own vehicles.

Many families do not own their homes. Between rent and making ends meet, it can be a challenge for clean energy-conscious families to purchase a vehicle and install a charging unit.

Although many individuals may desire to, EV ownership is not always possible or practical. Our future service will offer an alternative to ownership that is cost effective, tax deductible, and easy to use!

Your Health & Science

There is a direct correlation between higher air pollution and the increase of viruses like COVID-19 through air particulates*. This is worsened in poorer, underserved communities that cannot afford cleaner transportation options, and where people tend to use older vehicles longer.

Although the pandemic has slowed down our progress to purchase vehicles, Go Electric is still hard at work developing our future services that will help reduce the amount of older vehicles on the road and cut down on pollution, which can have a direct impact on lowering risks of viruses such as COVID-19. Our model offers clean and safe transportation to the communities most vulnerable to disease, crime, and economic hardships.

First responders and essential workers shouldn't have to drive after working long hours. Go Electric (once we are services are available) will be able to safely transport staff to and from work during times of crisis.

In the near future, byy delivering supplies, personnel, and helping communities in need of services using EVs, Go Electric plans to address all these areas:

  • A 501c3 charity that offers services to those most in need
  • Offering incentives when people contribute
  • Unique position to respond when the need arises (transporting supplies and people to communities hit by disasters, while helping alleviate climate change problems caused by gas vehicles)

BBC Future Planet: How Air Pollution Exacerbates COVID-19

Your Support Makes It Possible

Our Priorites

Clean and healthier air for the longer term, means shifting to clean energy and transportation options.

Your respiratory health will thank you as you: GO ELECTRIC 


Future Business Model
When a registered member logs into their account, the closest driver is alerted.

Safety is Our Priority

After receiving your driver alert, you will be sent a photo of your driver and the vehicle to expect. 

All Transactions Will Be Digital

Although the pandemic has slowed our progress to be able to provide vehicles during 2020, we are are hard at work developing support and systems that will help us reach these future goals soon! But we need your support | CLICK HERE for more information


Our Charitable Goals:
There are numerous grants available to us right now. Let's work together to make a difference!

Any step in the right direction is one less in the wrong.

Go Electric is a 501C(3) Tax Exempt Charity. 


Benefits of Registraton

For the same cost as an Uber/Lyft ride you could make a real difference by providing first responders clean energy transportation and receive a tax deduction for yourself.

Go Electric is making it happen!


About Us

Go Electric is a 501C(3) Tax Exempt Charity based on the sole motivation of helping our community and environment, not monetary gain.

Revenue generated by your participation is used to continue our efforts to reverse environmental damage by focusing on clean energy transportation.


Disaster Relief Charity

During COVID-19 pandemic, Go Only Electric is supporting the essential workers of our community with free lunches and donations of necessary medical supplies.

With your help, we can continue this important non-profit work and continue to assist frontline staff and essential workers. But we cannot do it alone. Your support plays a key role.

Underserved communities need your support today.


Ready to find out more? Let Your Voice Be Heard

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