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Clean Energy Transportation for Essential Workers

Why This Fundraiser Matters: Go Only Electric's clean energy transportation solution will address multiple urgent needs by transporting people and supplies when most needed ---from Disaster Relief First Responders or Emergency Services Workers (Firefighters, Community Volunteers removing debris) to Healthcare and other essential service workers.

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All Donations Are Tax Deductible

Activists for clean energy transportation are called on to support Go Electric in our mission that serves as an effective strategy to advance the commercial viability of these vehicles.

Other EV enthusiasts worry about the availability of charging stations and the cost to their families, especially in the time we are living in.

Go Electric brings a simple 1-Solution to contribute to clean energy transportation.

Now, you can contribute to Go Only Electric's Transportation Program (and receive a tax deduction). It's easy to do! Plus, your donation of any amount is appreciated and will be immediately put to good use.

Go Electric is a 501C(3) Tax Exempt Charity. 
DONATE | All Contributions Tax Deductible

Gourmet Popcorn with a Purpose

Go Electric has paired up with Double Good (one of America's top-selling gourmet popcorn manufacturers) to make it even easier for you to do good.

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Go Only Electric's efforts in our community help advocate for clean energy initiatives. We also work to help first responders, frontline workers, and disaster relief volunteers.

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Pulse Oximeters Donated to Washington State Hospital

Go Only Electric helps Washington State Hospital supply pulse oximeters to discharged patients who have won the battle against COVID-19.

Why was the donation needed? Valley Medical Center, a hospital near the city of Seattle, Washington State informs us that pulse oximeters have been important to helping keeping COVID-19 patients safe and healthy as they recover at home.

These small monitors help provide a more accurate idea as to when an individual may need to return and seek additional help from urgent care or ER.

COVID-19 is such a dangerous disease that some patients may not realize they are about to go into respiratory distress and arrive at the ER too late.

A personal pulse oximeter provides accurate information that care teams can properly assess and support.


Current Needs on the Frontline

Pulse Oximeters (a simple handheld tool) are desperately lacking in many hospitals and clinics. This device monitors the saturation of oxygen in the blood.

During the current pandemic, pulse oximetry has allowed healthcare workers to properly evaluate the condition of patients diagnosed with COVID-19, while accomplishing the following:

  • evaluating efficacy of ventilators
  • evaluating whether the patient needs additional help breathing
  • determining efficacy of supplemental oxygen therapy and new treatments


On July 27th, Go Only Electric delivered a donation of pulse oximeters to Valley Medical Center Hospital in Washington State.

SUPPORT Similar Needs During this Critical Time

DONATE A RIDE | Help a First Responder

  • Go Electric is providing reliable, clean energy transportation for healthcare workers and frontline staff.
  • Your donations will be used to provide free rides to workers for disaster relief support.
  • Every ride qualifies as a tax deductible donation that rewards you for your care and generosity.


Here's what sets us apart from other transport options:

  • Go Electric ONLY uses electric vehicles.
  • Our transportation service is the same cost as private sector rideshare options.
  • Every ride is considered a donation that is tax deductible.
  • Resources generated by are re-invested towards efforts to make a difference in environmental recovery.


Go Electric is a 501C(3) Tax Exempt Charity. 
SUPPORT a Frontline Worker

Benefits of Registraton

For the same cost as an Uber/Lyft ride you could make a real difference by providing first responders clean energy transportation and receive a tax deduction for yourself.

Go Electric is making it happen!


About Us

Go Electric is a 501C(3) Tax Exempt Charity based on the sole motivation of helping our community and environment, not monetary gain.

Revenue generated by your participation is used to continue our efforts to reverse environmental damage by focusing on clean energy transportation.


Disaster Relief Charity

Help provide COVID-19 First Responders with reliable transportation that aids hard-working staff on the front line while contributing to a cleaner Earth tomorrow.

Every ride qualifies as a tax deductible donation that rewards you for your caring generosity.


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Learn more about our COVID-19 First Responder Ride Assistance Program and what you can do today for a better tomorrow!