But What Do We Do Afterward?

As the COVID-19 pandemic swept around the globe, governmental regulations prohibiting or limiting businesses and transportation resulted in sharp declines in fine particles in the environment known as PM2.5 (nitrogen dioxide NO2). These particles are only emitted by the burning of fossil fuels, primarily in vehicles and domestic industry.

Read National Geographic article: Pollution Made COVID-19 Worse. Now Lockdowns are Clearing the Air

Will cleaner, clearer air continue? Or will it be just a temporary (yet beautiful) positive effect ironically seen during this time of much distress? Much may depend on what we do today.

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As the previously cited National Geographic article aptly states, “The cleaner pandemic skies do show how fast we can bring down pollution when we reduce our burning of fossil fuels.”

Now that the discussion of cleaner air due to reduced pollutants is on the mind of the general public, those supporting the use of methods to reduce the footprint of modes of transport are gathering a community of people interested in viable options for improvement. We need your support.

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National Geographic | Science: Coronavirus Coverage: Pollution Made COVID-19 Worse. Now Lockdowns are Clearing the Air. 

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